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What's My Policy Worth?

Insured: 73 year old female
Face Amount: $2,000,000
Type of Policy: Universal Life
Cash Surrender Value: $0
Premiums: $58,828
Seller Received: $260,000

Reason for Sale: This 73 year old female had a term policy that was converted to a Universal Life policy. She had some serious health concerns and the trust no longer needed the potential death benefit.

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Every year in this country, roughly $2 trillion in life insurance lapses. That means the policyholders receive nothing at all from their life insurance companies, despite years of making premium payments! Another $350 billion in policies are surrendered to insurance companies each year for a tiny fraction of their fair value. Don't let this happen to you! Through the Life Settlement process, you can receive a large cash payment for your policy, often 4-6 times the cash surrender value offered by your insurance company. Even policies that offer little or no surrender value may be sold for a significant cash settlement.

There are many factors that influence your Settlement amount, including: your age and health, type of policy, its face value and premium amount. Cresta Life Settlements will help identify what your policy is worth and can assist you in receiving the highest possible Settlement payment.

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