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About Cresta Life Settlements

Cresta Life Settlements, LLC (“Cresta”) is a leading innovator in the secondary market for life insurance policies. In plain English, that means we assist our clients obtain maximum value for the sale of their policies. Our business model is unique in the life settlements industry. Rather than working through a costly and cumbersome network of outside insurance agents, Cresta works directly with policyholders. This streamlined marketing approach helps minimize commission payouts—while simplifying the settlement process—helping Cresta's clients realize optimum return and efficiency in the sale of their life insurance policies.

Cresta is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, where its founders have earned national recognition in the direct response marketing and institutional financial services sectors. Our principals have structured more than $2 billion in life insurance investment transactions since 1984. Additionally—from 1995 through 2005—our team was instrumental in the founding and meteoric growth of one of the nation's most successful direct marketing companies, Bargain Network, Inc. This uncommon fusion of institutional financial experience to marketing innovation makes Cresta uniquely qualified to bring the benefits of life settlements directly to the senior community.

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