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Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

Did you know your life insurance policy is a financial asset—like your home, stocks or bonds—that can be sold for a large cash payment? It's true. In just 4-6 weeks, you can sell your policy and spend the money any way you like. The process of selling your policy is called a Life Settlement. This website helps you learn more about Life Settlements, and shows how to get a FREE valuation of what your policy is worth.

Settlement Example

Insured: 80 year old male
Face Amount: $500,000
Type of Policy:Term
Cash Surrender Value: 0
Premiums: $15,335 per year
Seller Received: $206,000

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How Cresta Can Help . . .

Cresta Life Settlements is a leading specialist in the sale of life insurance policies. We can help you get the largest cash settlement for your policy. That's because Cresta never works through outside insurance agents. Instead, we work directly with you—eliminating commission payments to the middle man—so you receive the maximum payout.

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